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Over the past few years, plenty of cryptocurrencies have been created that have further broadened the ecosystem, and one of the most important ones is Bitcoin Cash. On the other hand, it has to be taken into consideration how a crypto ecosystem is emerging pretty quickly, and one of the recent developments in this regard are crypto phones—or blockchain phones.

Over the past weeks, companies like Samsung and LG have announced plans to introduce crypto smartphones, which is why the latest development with regards to HTC is not really a surprise.

Important News for Bitcoin Cash

In a new development, smartphone manufacturing giant HTC has teamed up with to support BCH on the crypto wallets in HTC’s blockchain phone. published a press release on Monday and announced that it is going to come in as a long-term partner with HTC. Due to the consummation of this partnership, the two will now work together on the Exodus 1 smartphone from HTC and ensure that the built-in crypto wallet supports Bitcoin Cash. This is another development that seeks to make it easier for people to store their BCH tokens. If the whole thing becomes easier, then there is every possibility that the demand for these tokens will rise as well.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that this move from HTC is an indication of the fact that the smartphone maker is trying everything to claw its way back into the market. Back in 2018, the company’s market share dropped to an abysmal 1%, and maybe the company believes that the introduction of a crypto phone might just be the tonic that it needs.

That being said, it is necessary to keep in mind that HTC is a believer in cryptocurrencies and has been involved in a range of projects over the past months. The partnership with and the inclusion of Bitcoin Cash looks like a deliberate effort.

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