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The newly released protocol, Cash Shuffle, will add several privacy enhancers to every transaction conducted on the Bitcoin Cash Network.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network released a brand new protocol this week in an attempt to enhance users’ privacy on the network. The protocol, known as Cash Shuffle, will allow BCH users to obscure certain details of the transactions by combining their funds with the funds of Cash Shuffle users.

Privacy has become a hot topic in the crypto industry, with several privacy enhancing services and platforms have emerged to make crypto transactions more confidential. BCH has also taken steps to secure their users’ privacy by implemented a new protocol know as Cash Shuffle. Cash Shuffle will be different from the previous system where users had to trust the network operators, which was also attached to a hefty fee.

However, the latest protocol claims to operate at no additional costs and carries no counterparty risks. The protocol server will be open source and available in the codebase. In addition, the implementation will be available starting today. Users have already been encouraged to review this service on Github. While the server does not have knowledge of inputs, the software requires users to aggregate in order to operate at optimal capacity.

According to Coin Shuffle’s website, the protocol is an excellent tool for users of a joint transaction. However, the website warns that it cannot facilitate any groupings. Cash Shuffle is based on Coin Shuffle and has added a grouping feature. The added feature provides the service more utility.

Much like individual users, Cash Shuffle has no knowledge of input or to what subsequent output it corresponds to. This ensures that the service is unable to pocket any funds once the protocol is active. Once the transaction is deemed valid, the transaction can only be signed by the client.

The reputable BCH wallet service provider, Electron Cash, has already confirmed that they support the latest protocol, by using it as a plugin. During an interview with Jonald Fyookball, the lead developer of Electron Cash, Fyookball confirmed that while the two are not affiliated with one another, the wallet will implement the protocol as they consider the code safe for their users.

Fyookball noted that added protocols to enhance privacy are very welcomed by Electron Cash. Privacy, according to the developer is a key feature of cryptocurrency. Fyookball added that all individuals should have a right to privacy.

However, as cryptocurrencies enhance their privacy features, there is a fear that governments could start blacklisting certain coins due to its user privacy protection protocols. This could pose a serious threat to the industry. Fyookball noted that it remains vital that the cryptocurrency industry remains committed to privacy as well as being fungible. The Cash Shuffle protocol could go a long way in ensuring that all altcoins remain fungible.

The BCH community so far seems enthusiastic over the attest protocol, judging by social media posts. Users have been encouraged to follow Cash Shuffle on social media to stay abreast of all latest developments in the field.

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