Bitcoin Cash transactions are relatively easy to trace by companies that do blockchain audits. Hence, cryptocurrency users will jump at any opportunity to hide their transaction and use their BCH privately (as was Satoshi’s intention).

CashShuffle is a new and exciting protocol that has just been released and the plugin is currently only supported by Electron Cash. The simplest explanation of what the CashShuffle plugin does is that it randomly shuffles transactions of several users on their way to recipients’ addresses.

CashShuffle ElectronCash
CashShuffle Settings in Electron Cash

This is similar to the transaction “Mixins” that are completed in the Monero (XMR) protocol. By shuffling these transactions, it will make it harder for any company or individual to trace where the original transaction came from.

This is not enabled by default on the Electron Cash wallet so you will have to first enable it. This can be done by hitting the small CashShuffle logo at the bottom right of the wallet (next to the open lock).

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